Recent publications

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  • van den Dool, A., & Li, J. (2023). What do we know about the punctuated equilibrium theory in China? A systematic review and research priorities. Policy Studies Journal.
  • Vogeler, C. S., van den Dool, A., & Chen, M. (2023). Programmatic action in Chinese health policy—The making and design of “Healthy China 2030”. Review of Policy Research.
  • van den Dool, A. (2022). The multiple streams framework in a nondemocracy: The infeasibility of a national ban on live poultry sales in China. Policy Studies Journal.
  • Liu, Y., & van den Dool, A. (2022). Legitimizing Postcrisis Policy Change: Crisis-Framing Strategies by Public Leaders in China. Natural Hazards Review.