Whether I know you already or not, feel free to reach out about:

  • Guest lectures
  • Invitations to speak at events or participate in conference panels
  • Co-organizing academic events such as panels or workshops
  • Research collaborations
  • Questions about my research
  • A copy of my publications
  • Policy advice/policy analysis/consultancy

My email address is: annemieke.van.den.dool@duke.edu.

DKU students are welcome to email me to ask questions about the DKU environmental science/public policy major, the DKU public policy curriculum, my courses, advising, letters of recommendation, or research opportunities.

If you’d like to connect on social media, click here to follow me on Twitter or here to connect with me on Mastodon.

Not sure how to pronounce my name? Click here to listen: Annemieke van den Dool.